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Grožnjan, a medieval town brimming with art
This hilltop town perched above the Mirna river is the most famous gathering place for artists in Istria.
Only 30 minutes away from Umag and Novigrad beaches, medieval Grožnjan is a place where both curious visitors and creative musicians and visual artists find peace and refuge.
The town was most probably named after the Latin word Grisium i.e. the antique Graeciniana, meaning a rocky hill. Declared a town of artists in 1965, it has been pulsating with creativity ever since. Artists, now outnumbering permanent residents, make music and create works of art in some thirty houses, galleries, studios and ateliers.
Leaving Grožnjan without a souvenir or a nice memory is virtually impossible. Even a simple walk through the town, during which you’ll get to see exhibited paintings, hear the sounds of music coming from Kaštel (Castle) and enjoy a view of the sea paired with a refreshing breeze, will be a magical experience.
Knowing that creativity is closely knit with culinary delights, it’s always a good idea to treat yourself to a glass of wine or brandy, or a traditional Istrian dish at one of the town’s cafés, tasting rooms or konobas, and enjoy its charming atmosphere.

Virtual walk in Grožnjan

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