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Nature & camping

Piski – the Istrian desert

This unique marl dune phenomenon by the village of Šterna near Grožnjan is northwestern Istria’s must-see attraction – ideal for both little explorers and adult enthusiasts.
To reach the Istrian desert on foot, just follow the path leading from the Church of St Michael in the village of Šterna. The view of the marl dunes alone will leave you breathless, and climbing up and down from one to the next will be a truly exciting experience, especially for children.
Although the central and northern parts of Istria also boast landscapes shaped by fine-grained sedimentary rocks, it is only in Piski you will find such a unique concentration of these forms over a large surface.
Exploring the Istrian desert is like walking through an exotic wonderland. There’s no adventure novel in the world that can beat the live experience.
#Nature and environment
#natural beauties
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