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Influencer friendly destination

Call for bloggers, vloggers, instagramers, snapchatters, photographers, journalists, and writers

We’ll take care of your accommodation, in the northwest of the largest Croatian peninsula,
between the towns of Buje, Brtonigla, Umag, Novigrad, Motovun, Grožnjan and Oprtalj.
Enjoying the sea view from your window.
(Even in Buje, which is on top of a hill, 10 km inland)
Walking the hundred-year-old forests.
Hunting for truffles.
Exploring forts and villages.
Swimming, surfing, diving, cycling, walking, running, playing tennis or just relaxing.
Experiencing the magic of The Colours of Istria.
Then telling everyone about it.
Pack your report with useful information for future travellers:
Budget travel tips, food recommendations, details on what to do or where to stay, photographic inspiration, videos.
All in a beautiful flowing narrative, gently seasoned with humour.
Just write about what you love and be informative.
Like you usually do.
And maybe provide some inspiration.
Did we mention that we’ll take care of your accommodation?
Are you in?
#Adriatic sea
#art and culture
#Regional delicacies
#olive oil
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