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Art and culture

International jazz festival: Jazz is back BP

Established in 1999 by the Croatian jazz giant Boško Petrović, every year the international Jazz is back BP festival delivers a repertoire packed with exquisite performances and masterful improvisations of world-renowned jazzers on the popular Balwan City stage in Grožnjan.
Delightful vibes of virtuoso musicians, jazz & blues, and the summer jazz school combined with the enchanting ambiance and Istrian wine make it a truly unique festival not only in Croatia, but also in Europe. So it comes as no surprise that in 2008 the European Jazz Federation named it the best small European jazz festival.
The longest event in Croatia
A jazz marathon that took place in 2010 went down in history. With 30 concerts played by 140 musicians from more than 20 countries, it was the longest festival in Croatia.
Organised by the International Cultural Centre of Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, the Municipality of Grožnjan and the Multi-purpose Cultural Centre, Jazz is back BP is still the longest festival in Croatia. It takes place at the same time as the Summer Jazz School of the Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, a stepping stone for many renowned jazz musicians.
Just like all other jazz events in Grožnjan, the BP Evening is a tribute to Boško Petrović, father of the Croatian jazz scene.
You can watch a live stream on the Youtube channel of the Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, but it is best to hear it live, on the Balwan City stage!
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