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About us

The Tourist Boards of the cities of Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla, Buje, Motovun, Grožnjan and Oprtalj and the tourist companies Plava Laguna Umag and Aminess hotels & campsites are working together on the further development of north-western Istria with the aim to advance the quality of its products and to strengthen the position of a destination ideal for a vacation.

Under the name Colours of Istra, the seven above mentioned cities are joined and in this way a unique tourist area with a rich and diverse offer has been created. This exeptional destination brand which will surely encourage many to not only come, but to come back, was inspired by the special characteristics of the region of Istria.

The picturesque logo brand is a characteristic fan in four colors: blue, orange, green and purple, and each of the colors represents one of the specific characteristics of northwestern Istria.
Of course, first of all the sea is here with the sun, beaches, nautical tourism and wellness hotels so the blue color represents the wellness & sea theme. Northwestern Istria has become an attractive destination for an active vacation thanks to the numerous investments in sport objects and events, so the orange color, the sport offer, is here as well. Modern travelers, camping fans and nature fans will also enjoy themselves thanks to the green theme, nature and camping, which combines all of the natural attractiveness of this region. Finally, north-western Istria gathers some of the best wine makers and olive oil makers in Croatia, and truffles, sea delicacies and prosciutto make only a part of the rich Istiran gastronomic offer combined with the purple theme, food and wine. This category includes entertainment, and the guests have the chance to enjoy themselves in unique events designed only for them.

In order for the diverse offer to be combined and offered to the guests, this portal was created where you can find all the necessary information for a unique vacation in one place. With mutual cooperation, networking and the effort of cities and companies – partners of this project will try to satisfy the interests of all guests and to offer them more diverse and quality services.
Welcome to northwestern Istria!
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