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Sveti Juraj: a magical village in the Grožnjan area

Sveti Juraj is a small, idyllic oasis of peace in the Grožnjan area that will leave no one indifferent. This village, situated in the heart of Istria, is one of those hidden corners that few people visit and discover.
A place for rest and relaxation
Visitors to Sveti Juraj will enjoy the peaceful and relaxed village atmosphere. Its houses are examples of the authentic Istrian architecture, with beautiful views of the countryside at every corner.
Cultural heritage
The 17th-century Church of St George is part of the precious cultural heritage of the village.
Gastronomic offer
Near the village lies the picturesque Grožnjan, where you will find restaurants offering traditional Istrian specialities such as fritule, maneštra soups, kroštule and other tasty dishes. There are also excellent Istrian wines, the most famous of which are Malvasia and Teran.
Visit Sveti Juraj and experience the magical atmosphere of this idyllic Istrian village!
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