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The Museum of Folk Instruments in Završje: MU=BAJS

The Museum of Folk Instruments in Završje that opened in 2016 houses a collection of instruments lovingly made and collected by hard-working local masters over the period of almost 40 years. 
The Museum honours Ottavio Štokovac Rapatočki, a local folk musician and maker of instruments such as bajs, bassetto, liron and leron, who managed to pass on his enthusiasm to new generations and encourage them to preserve this tradition.
Music traditions passed on from one generation to another
The Museum exhibits folk instruments used for playing polkas, waltzes and mazurkas, testifying to the diversity of languages, cultures and customs of the area. The fact that the sounds of more than a century old music could not be preserved as easily as books makes this collection truly invaluable. And its special mission is to show the visitors that no words or pictures will ever do justice to the emotions stirred by the sound coming from a masterfully crafted piece of wood in the hands of a musician.
The Museums also hosts various music events, seminars, vocal technique workshops, and wooden instrument making workshops (bajs, harmonika trieština, roženice), organised by the Multi-purpose Cultural Centre of Završje.
Entrance is free of charge.
If you are interested in a visit, send us a request at: waltermacovaz@gmail.com
#art and culture
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