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ENDURO – the rock'n'roll of mountain biking

  • Enduro is a type of mountain biking competition consisting of several timed downhills, and transfer stages which are not part of the accumulated time but are often time-limited.

  • The aim is to achieve the best time on the timed stages or downhills. The winner is whoever has the best accumulated time at the end of all stages. While downhills are technically challenging, the transfer stages focus more on endurance and fitness.

Enduro in NW Istria
The home of enduro in northwestern Istria is Grožnjan. It is where Enduro Grozni Grožnjan takes place, a rather extreme race organised by the local cycling club. The results of the competition count towards the Slo Enduro Cup. The race takes place on the slopes around Grožnjan and Sv. Juraj, with a number of crossings over the Parenzana, a scenic route that used to be a railroad and now it’s turned into a cycling and hiking trail.
Whether you decide to join the race or not, don’t miss the chance to visit Grožnjan and admire the bold riders competing for medals!
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