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Oprtalj, one of the best-kept secrets of inland Istria
If you get tired of people and technology and long for some ‘me time’ in a charmingly peaceful setting of rural Istria… visit Oprtalj!  
Oprtalj is a medieval town in Northern Istria, perched on a hilltop at 378 m above sea level. In those turbulent times, it served as a refuge from flooding, pirates and other threats, while today it is ideal for escaping the crowds. Embark on a cycling or a hiking trip along the trail of unique Parenzana, and then refuel your energy with truffles, olive oil, and wine to see what we’re talking about!
There is a colonnade of cypress trees at both its entrance and exit, helping you find your way to the very centre of Oprtalj. You will be thrilled with its paved streets, colourful houses, antique shops, restaurants, tiny stores, religious buildings and galleries popping up all over the town’s courtyards and loggias.
Just like the neighbouring towns of Motovun and Grožnjan, Oprtalj (or Portole, as called by the locals in line with the Italian version of the town’s name) is permeated by a mystical aura. It will be a true source of inspiration to travellers who take their time to discover the intricate history of small towns, value the healing power of nature and simple traditional meals.
Welcome to a place with a thousand stories to tell. Let one of them be yours!
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