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Events in Oprtalj

Wondering when to visit Oprtalj? We’d say that any time is the right time. But if you really like to mingle, check out the following events.
Chestnut Festival
If you plan to visit Oprtalj in the autumn, it is best to come in October. During the lovely Chestnut Festival, the town is filled with aromas and scents of baked chestnuts, and numerous stands are put up for visitors to enjoy beer, wine and homemade specialities with chestnuts. Children will be delighted with fritule, while cheerful sounds of traditional Istrian music will make you want to dance.
Festival of Fire
On 23 June, a day before the Feast of St john the Baptist, bonfires are lit in Oprtalj to tell a story of ancient harvest rituals and celebrations welcoming the summer. This tradition is nurtured throughout Croatia: bonfires are lit on a hill or by a river, depending on the location, so that they can be seen from as far as possible. Every village celebrates it in their own way. In Sveti Ivan near Oprtalj, for example, people jump over bonfires. The Festival revives this beautiful tradition and complements it with a spicy gourmet offer, art performances and live music acts on the Parish Church square. An amazing way to welcome the summer!
International meeting of accordionists
This event takes place in August, when lovers of traditional music, accordionists and traditional musicians from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy gather in large numbers in Zrenj, a picturesque village close to Oprtalj. During the meeting, the otherwise tranquil place becomes a stage for traditional music performances. There’s nothing better than connecting through music and enjoying a stunning view of central Istria!
Tuber (Food) Fest
 Livade is a village known as the Istrian centre of truffles. It’s no wonder then that it hosts a two-day event that combines the street food concept with traditional Istrian recipes based on truffles. Being situated in the heart of the century-old Motovun forest, in the Mirna River valley, during the October’s Tuber (Food) Fest its streets become a big picnic spot, where visitors can enjoy exquisite gourmet food on the go. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a glass of wine from local winemakers and get your feet moving to the sounds of music played by the local bands!
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