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Active holidays in Oprtalj and its surrounding area

If you can’t wait to pull on your trainers or hiking boots, explore what Oprtalj has to offer. But don’t forget your swimsuit, because the beach is just a half an hour away!
 Cycling and hiking along Parenzana
It comes as no surprise that the Oprtalj section of the former narrow-gauge railway, today a beautiful cycling and hiking trail, is where active holiday fun begins. Known as Parenzana, it was built in the early 20th century and connected Poreč with Trieste until 1935. With four out of six viaducts and six out of nine tunnels on the route, the Grožnjan-Oprtalj-Livade section evokes images of a locomotive weaving its way through this impressive scenery. Exciting terrain configuration, panoramic views and preserved bits of the line make Parenzana a must-see attraction for cyclists and hikers. If you want to know more about its compelling history, be sure to visit the Parenzana Museum in Livade.
 Free climbing
Situated northwest of Oprtalj, at about 400 metres above sea level, the Čepić village is famous for its traditional Istrian houses. Many visitors are also attracted to the rocks with marked climbing routes, most of which are suitable for beginners. Try out your climbing skills and be rewarded by a view of a large valley rich in flora and fauna, three springs and an impressive abyss. It’s good to know that the climbing area is in the shade most of the day. Also, don’t be surprised to see cows and sheep quietly grazing around you. Sounds like a perfect free climbing spot in Istria, doesn’t it?
If you want to know more, come by the Oprtalj Tourist Board office, call +385/52/644-150 or write at tz@oprtalj.hr.

#natural beauties
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