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Wellness & sea
NW Istria

Wellness and the world-class gourmet food of NW Istria

How important is wellness in everyday life?

First used as a concept by Sir A. Johnson in 1654 to describe "good health", wellness has since outgrown its initial meaning, turning into a holistic philosophy of living. Wellness implies discipline over oneself and the quest for an elevated state of body through the establishment of inner peace and well-being.
Following the trends and needs of modern life, I might say that wellness is no longer a synonym for luxury or something inaccessible. On the contrary, wellness represents the need to find inner balance and to renew our spirit and mind.
Istria's Mediterranean climate, favourable geographical position and the positive effects of thalassotherapy make it the perfect destination for wellness, one you can enjoy all year round and not just in the summer.
Sea air inhalations, hot seawater baths, seawater hydro-massages, wraps and baths with seaweed and mud are just a few of the reasons to visit this destination.

A wellness holiday in northwestern Istria

If you want to relax and recharge your batteries, I recommend you visit the wellness centres of northwestern Istria and try out what they have to offer. There are various wellness centres from Umag to Novigrad: Romantic & SPA Melia Coral in Umag; the Sol Umag Hotel Wellness Centre (the first large wellness centre in Croatia); The Body Holiday at the Sol Garden Istra Hotel in Umag; Prestige Wellness & Spa Casino Mulino, the Aminess Maestral Hotel's Wellness & Spa Centre in Novigrad, or smaller boutique hotels with wellness centres such as Villa Rosetta and the San Rocco Hotel.
The choice of centres is truly large – all you have to do is pick the one in which you want to find a moment for yourself. Whichever direction you choose, relaxation is guaranteed.

High-quality food and a world-class selection of delicacies

If you go for a wellness weekend, I highly recommend you blend it with Istria's spectacular gourmet food. The hotels and restaurants of northwestern Istria pay special attention to a healthy selection of dishes based on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. March and April feature dishes based on asparagus, Mediterranean scallops are on the menu in June, and October is time for mushrooms and the famous truffle. Interesting events also add to the charm of this region: Oleum Olivarum, Wine & Walk, and many others. Special attention is paid to various varieties of top-quality olive oil and honey, which you can find on every table and on the majority of Istrian menus.
These ingredients are often used in wellness treatments as well. Olive oil has long been known to nurture the skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant used in body wraps and massages, as well as in scrubs. I was particularly delighted by the natural cosmetics based largely on olive oil. Here’s an idea: pick one of the hand creams, body lotions or scrubs for your own home skincare, a gift, or a souvenir. Great choice, isn’t it?
Honey is also used in wellness treatments as a body mask in steam baths or as an ingredient in specially designed massages for a dash of local colour.

Northwestern Istria – the ideal escape from everyday stress

Northwestern Istria is the right destination for anyone who wants to get away from the hurry and stress of everyday life at least once a year, as well as those looking to calm their souls and please their palates. Northwestern Istria is a place where all five senses can take part in wellness treatments, the selection of wine and gourmet food, and the beautiful landscapes where the sky and sea meet at the horizon.
#wellness & sea
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