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Wellness & sea

San Rocco-Wellness in the heart of Northwestern Istria

The best small family hotel on the Adriatic

Family boutique hotel San Rocco is situated in Brtonigla, a typical Istrian hill town, known as the “town of wine”. Our guests can expect a luxurious rural pastoral in the green inland of Istria, as regularly reaffirmed by the Fernetich family with rewards for the best small family hotel on the Adriatic.

Wellness oasis San Rocco, only 5km from the shore, offer:

  • two swimming pools and a sauna

  • the indoor whirlpool is intended to be used for relaxation after treatments or in colder days

  • the outdoor pool is located in a protected sun-bathed park with centuries old olive trees

  • you may book the entire romantic roofed-over wellness area for private use and simultaneously savour specially served Istrian delicacies

“San Rocco” olive oil massage

Enjoyment in the tranquil surroundings is further enhanced by the diligent hands of trained masseurs treating you with Mediterranean aromas, peelings and “San Rocco” olive oil massage recommended by some of the global guides. The Fernetich family takes care of centuries old olive groves from which this extra virgin liquid treasure curing illnesses and nourishing the skin, as the Mediterranean women knew and used from Antiquity, is derived.

Tailored weekend or seven-day arrangements

Although wellness San Rocco offers tailored, weekend or seven-day arrangements, you can also choose to spend here a single afternoon after a hard day. For a special experience, rent a bicycle in the hotel and start your vacation by exploring Istria.
The superior offer of our gourmet restaurant recommended by the global gastronomic guides, will contribute to the special charm of your stay in the romantic setting of San Rocco.
Do not miss the idyllic atmosphere waiting for you all year round in San Rocco, in the hearth of Northwestern Istria!
Srednja ulica 2
52474 Brtonigla-Verteneglio
Tel: +385 (0) 52 725 000
E-mail: info@san-rocco.hr
Web:   www.san-rocco.hr
#wellness & sea
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