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Wellness & sea

Wellness oasis of hotel Villa Rosetta

Discover the charming hotel Villa Rosetta in a little oasis of tranquillity in the magical landscape of Northwestern Istria. Located in the village of Zambratija near Umag, in the region visited for holidays from the era of Ancient Rome, Villa Rosetta is a delightful refuge on the very strand of the Adriatic coast.
Some of the most astonishing sunsets will lull you into sleep and you will awaken to the sound of waves in one of the 23 luxurious hotel rooms.
When it comes to the pleasures of wellness in the westernmost part of Croatia, the sauna area in Villa Rosetta offers:
  • finnish sauna

  • turkish bath

  • mini relax zone

  • massage room

Relax your body from built-up fatigue and stress with classic or anti-stress massage, remove all toxins with lymphatic drainage massage and awaken all your senses with aromatherapy. Although the scents of natural essential oils will momentarily improve your mood, you will discover the secret of their efficiency in therapeutic baths and massages, as well as in the cosmetic facial and body treatments.
Here, at the 45th parallel, due to the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, wellness pleasures in Villa Rosetta are completed with an exceptional gastronomic offer. The Savudrija area, in which this charming oasis is located, is renowned for its long fishing tradition and the hotel for traditional Istrian cuisine. The dishes offered are always seasonal, the ingredients used in their preparation come from our own garden and the nearby sea and the kindly staff will gladly assists you by recommending fresh, daily specialties.
Welcome to Savudrija at any season!
Crvena Uvala 31, Zambratija
52475 Savudrija
Tel:+385 52 725 710
Fax: +385 52 725 720
E-mail: info@hotelvillarosetta.net
Web:  https://hotelvillarosetta.net
#wellness & sea
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