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4 Ideas for a Winter Weekend in Northwestern Istria

by Petra Pekica
Like many working people, I can’t wait for a weekend escape. My thoughts wonder away as early as mid-week, thinking of new places to visit and spend those two precious days of rest in the best possible way. A trip to Northwestern Istria always turns out to be a great choice, even in the wintertime.

Holidays by the sea

Even though I dislike the cold and snowy weather, I have to admit that winter has a lot to offer. But as much as I enjoy a glass of spicy mulled wine and a tasty sausage, finding my way through the crowds at Zagreb Advent is just not my thing. Luckily, ever since I’ve got my own car I’ve been able to treat myself to mulled wine at a Christmas fair by the sea, watching the sun go down and breathing in the sea-scented air. Many coastal places are worth visiting during the Advent time, so why not spend a weekend enjoying in Umag’s seasonal event called UMAGic holidays.

Winter adventures

If you can’t imagine spending two or three months without riding your bike or at least going for an occasional jog, Northwestern Istria will definitely lure you with its mild Mediterranean climate. Prep your bike well, bring along a pair of solid trainers and choose from an array of cycling and running trails this part of Istria offers throughout the year. Embrace the cold, and clear your airway conquering the Mediterranean landscapes of Buje, Brtonigla, Umag and Novigrad!

A detox weekend in a sauna

Cold weather often brings viruses we are susceptible to for various reasons. A good wellness therapy, especially one that includes various types of sauna, helps me get rid of the built up toxins. Whenever I need a quality detox weekend, Umag is my go-to place!

Tasting seasonal delicacies

Winter months may narrow down the choice of land produce, but the sea is brimming with life in this season as well, offering top-quality catch like soles, squid and shellfish! Each year the restaurants of Northwestern Istria proud themselves on their creative seafood specialities. So why not spend a winter weekend treating your taste buds to some gourmand wonders?

Share your impressions about your weekend in Northwestern Istria with us!


Petra Pekica

Petra Pekica was born in Istria and still enjoys discovering its hidden corners and sharing her impressions with others. In her free time she most likes wandering in the nature and enjoying its fruits, and is always ready for adventure. When working, it's on heading EU projects.

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