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Why Visit Northwest Istria in the Winter?

by Milica Cetinić
If you’re truly looking to rest, unwind and delight in the coldest time of the year, I recommend you to visit Northwestern Istria. I was lucky to explore it in the winter season on several occasions, and I must say I enjoyed it. Let me just mention a few things that made my experience so special…

Sunny days

Snow is quite rare in Istria, while there is plenty of sun for most part of the year. If you’re not exactly a fan of ice & snow activities, you will truly relish your winter holiday by the sea. Taking long walks along the coastline and watching the sea rippling under the sunrays (caressing your face)… what more could you ask for! You can have a cup of coffee or some other tasty drink on the terrace of a local beach café. Just snuggle under a blanket, soak up the winter sun and enjoy Istria’s beautiful natural scenery.

No crowds

As opposed to the summer, when Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla are packed with smiling tourists enjoying all the benefits of the warmest months, there are slightly fewer visits in the winter season, when most guests come for a (long) weekend. This has its perks: there are no queues outside the restaurants and cafés, the seaside promenades and beaches are almost empty, and you can have any of these towns virtually for yourselves! Fair enough, the summer has its advantages, but the winter vibe will surely win the hearts of all those longing for some peace and quiet…

Tailor-made offer

Having fewer guests does not automatically mean that the offer is poorer. Quite the opposite, it’s perfectly matched to the seasonal vibe. You can get to taste delicious winter delicacies, with calamari and shellfish being my absolute favourites. Some can hardly wait for the winter to visit Istrian towns and enjoy the excellent wellness offer, with tailor-made treatments suited to everyone’s needs and wishes – athletes, sports enthusiasts, women, men…. So, taking long walks and watching sunsets are not the only thing you can enjoy here in the winter! This corner of Istria offers an enviable host of amenities throughout the year.

Different activities

When it comes to activities, squid hunting is traditionally reserved for this time of the year. I have already described my experience with this activity in one of my earlier blogposts, and I’m truly looking forward to new adventures out in the open sea. If you’re into cycling, hop on your bike and explore the destination by taking some of the many waymarked routes. For more information check out the brochures prepared by Colours of Istria for all cycling lovers. To make your winter stay in this region complete, look into the calendar of events. Given the diverse offer, the fun is guaranteed!

We all need a winter break

At least a mini break, even if it’s just for a weekend. Be kind to yourselves and recharge your batteries at the start of the year to cope easier with whatever life throws at you. And there’s no better place to unwind than in Northwestern Istria!

Have you experienced the magical charm of Northwestern Istria in the winter?


Milica Cetinić

A journalist by vocation and account director specializing in the integrated communication management of companies on social networks by profession. Writing is her passion, especially if it's about Istria, since she adores and often explores this idyllic part of Croatia.

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