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23 Aug - 25 Aug 24
town center
Art and culture

St. Pelagius Festivity

Novigrad will once again celebrate the City Day and the patron saint, Saint Pelagius, with a multi-day festivity. From August 23th to 25th, this prominent city event will be intertwined with a series of cultural, entertainment, sports, gastronomic, and other activities.

The highlight of the festivities are the concerts by renowned musicians, who will perform simultaneously on three stages - at the Grand Square, Porporela, and the Prolaz Boška Petrovića.
Additionally, both domestic and international visitors can indulge in a rich culinary experience at the food stalls lining the charming town port of Novigrad, Mandrač, and Porporela. On Sunday at midnight, the sky above Novigrad will be illuminated by a spectacular fireworks display. The St. Pelagius Festivity traditionally also includes a diverse sports program, featuring participation from almost all of Novigrad's sports clubs through tournaments and sporting events on city grounds.
On the actual City Day and the day of the patron saint, August 28th, a solemn concelebrated Holy Mass and a procession with the relics of Saint Pelagius will take place.
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