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Wellness & sea

The Best Beaches in Novigrad


Beneath the Aminess Maestral Hotel, you will find a beautiful pebble beach in the shape of a half-moon. It has been awarded a Blue Flag for many years, which is an additional guarantee of cleanliness. This beautiful beach is equipped with lounge chairs and umbrellas, and it also offers open-air massages during the summer months. Punto Mare summer fun centre with tidal swimming pool is located just a stone’s throw away, which makes this beach one of the most exciting in Novigrad, with a daily programme and a selection of sandwiches, cocktails and various snacks. Sports lovers will find 17 tennis courts right by the sea, a beach volleyball court, and a multifunctional pitch for football, basketball and handball. If you prefer water sports, you can rent a kayak, jet ski or paddleboat. Please note that this beach also offers disabled access to the water.
Type: pebble
Size: 622 m long, 28 m wide
Service: bars, restaurants, sports facilities, water sports, lounge chair and umbrella rental
Parking: yes


The Aminess Laguna Hotel Beach will appeal to all lovers of stone and pebble beaches, as it is located near the hotel and features numerous amenities for families. There is a playground in the shade for kids, and sports equipment is also offered for rent. The beach has lounge chairs, umbrellas, showers, and changing booths. Nearby, you will find Punto Mare fun & beach zone, Sirena restaurant with an excellent selection of specialties from the grill, and the Smoothie & Fruit Bar for healthy refreshment during the warm days of summer.
Type: paved and pebble
Size: 622 m long, 27 m wide
Service: bars, restaurants, sports facilities, water sports, lounge chair and umbrella rental
Parking: yes


The newly-renovated Aminess Park Mareda Campsite beach is located within the campsite, and its spacious paved surfaces and natural surroundings will make your daily sunbathing and beach time even more enjoyable. The beach is suitable for all ages. A Blue Flag has also flown above this beach for years. In addition to sea and sun, this beach offers numerous activities such as tennis, beach volleyball and various water attractions. Pets are allowed, and guests can enjoy the nearby newly-opened restaurants, lounge bars and grill zones.


The Aminess Sirena Campsite Beach has everything you need for a good time and a holiday to remember. This natural stone and partially paved beach bears a Blue Flag, and offers changing booths, lounge chairs and showers. One part of the beach is intended for pets, which are always welcome. You can find refreshment at seaside Oleandar Bar, which offers everything from coffee and cocktails to delicious lunches. If you’re looking for delicious barbecue specialties, you can find them at Sirena restaurant, and you can continue the fun at nearby Punto Mare centre, right beneath the Aminess Maestral Hotel and just 300 metres from the beach. Anyone looking for additional relaxation can enjoy the relax zone with its open-air massage studio.
Type: stone and pebble
Size: 614 m long, 31 m wide
Service: bars, restaurants, sports facilities, water sports, lounge chair and umbrella rental
Parking: yes

„Green beach“ Karpinjan

Just a brief stroll or bike ride from the centre of town, you will find „Green beach“ Karpinjan beach. This pebble beach is ideal for families with small children due to its large size and its shallow sea entry, as well as because of the natural shade provided by the pine trees that surround it. Cafés, a patisserie and a restaurant are located alongside the beach. The beach also offers sports amenities – football pitches, handball, tennis and basketball courts are all located nearby, and you can also simply sit on your bike and go for a spin.
Type: pebble
Size: 606 m long, 15 m wide
Service: bars, restaurants, sports facilities, water sports, lounge chair and umbrella rental
Parking: yes


You will be thrilled by this natural, almost “wild” beach located on the way from Novigrad to Aminess Park Mareda Campsite. Just as the name suggests, this beach is surrounded by pine forest where you can find numerous places to cool off in the shade. All you have to do is find your ideal stone cove where you can relax in peace and quiet. A few bars near the beach offer refreshment, and the beach is directly accessible by both bicycle and car as it is located just a few minutes from the town centre. Here, every visitor can choose whether they want to spend time in a lively atmosphere or relax in peace and quiet...
Type: stone and pebble
Size: 1108 m long, 30 m wide
Service: beach bars
Parking: yes


This long, well-kept beach is a true symbol of Novigrad. Rivarela is a beach for everyone, from families to couples, and it is perfect for all-day fun and socialising (along with some much-needed sunbathing and a nap in the shade). The beach is fully paved, and it is located alongside the promenade that leads you from the Aminess Maestral Hotel to the centre of town. The sea access at this beach is via suitable entries and hand railings, and the experience is rounded off by a diverse selection of restaurants and bars.
Type: stone and paved
Size: 619 m long, 24 m wide
Service: bars, restaurants, lounge chair and umbrella rental
Parking: yes

City Beach

In the very centre of Novigrad and surrounded by the old town walls, this spacious beach is a synonym for fun in the sun, and offers a Mediterranean sunbathing and swimming experience as it once was. To reach this unique beach, all it takes is a brief stroll through the centre of town. The biggest plus of this beach is its proximity to the centre of town and its spacious paved surfaces ideal for sunbathing and enjoying your favourite reading material. This beach is the perfect choice for young holidaymakers and families, as they will find a wide selection of restaurants and bars nearby.
Type: paved and stone
Size: 430 m long, 23 m wide
Service: bars, restaurants, water sports
Parking: yes

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