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Wellness & sea
NW Istria

Blue flag beaches <br>- indicators of ecological balance

The blue flag is annually awarded to the beaches and marinas. The strict assessment procedure requires water purity, clean environment, beaches with adequate facilities, and accessibility for the disabled persons.
Throughout the world, the Blue Flag is a renowned mark of ecological balance. It signifies the cleanliness of the sea and the fact that the coastal area is managed according to the principles of sustainable tourist development. The following beaches in north-western Istria have been awarded the blue flag:

Aminess Maravea Camping Resort beach , Novigrad

This beach is part of the bathing area of Aminess Maravea Camping Resort, located around 4km from Novigrad. The beach is combination of paved areas and some rocky areas and is equipped with showers. Beach visitors can rent pedalos or enjoy a game of table tennis or mini-golf nearby. A bar at the beach offers refreshment.

Aminess Sirena Campsite beach, Novigrad

Surrounded by fragnant pine trees, this beach is perfect for enjoying both, the sun and cooling off in the shade! The waterfront area is combination of fine gravel areas, paved pathways and rocks shaped by the sea. The beach is equipped with showers as well as deck chairs. Watter sports equipment can be rented on the beach and there are catering facilities nearby.

Aminess Maestral Hotel beach, Novigrad

This blue flag beach is located south of Novigrad and is part of the  Aminess Maestral Hotel. The main beach area is man-made with a very fine gravel arching out into Adriatic sea. Straw sun umbrellas are carefully positioned along the beach, offering visitors shade. The backdrop of the beach consists of paved pathway, landscaped grassy areas and features tennis courts and other sporting facilities.

Kanova beach, Umag

Beach Kanova is situated in the vicinity of the campsite Park Umag approximately 7 km south of Umag town centre. The beach itself has concrete paved areas, stairs for the easy access to the sea and also provides an access for disabled. There are nearby shops, bars and restaurants located within the campsite. The southern part of the beach is reserved for naturists.

Katoro beach, Umag

Located just north of Umag town centre this is a public beach that consists of wide paved areas, rocky parts and gravel. The beach features children playground, a waterslide and sand volleyball field. The beach is equipped with showers, changing cabins and ther are bars and restaurants nearby.

Laguna Stella Maris beach, Umag

This marvellous beach stretches along the Stella Maris Resort north of Umag and is one of the few sandy beaches on the west coast of Istria. Only 3km from the Umag town centre, the beach is located in a deep and protected bay which is partially surrounded by pine trees. The beach features deck chairs, showers and water sports rental facilities. There are beach bars, restaurants and sporting facilities nearby.

Blue Flag in Umag Marina

Apart from the above beaches, Marina Umag is also proudly boasting blue flag indicating marina's cleanliness and well equipped marina facilities.

Karpinjan beach, Novigrad

The Karpinjan beach in Novigrad encompasses approx. 500 m of the seashore in the similar bay north of this romantic town. A large part of this coastal area is organized and covered with pebbles, while in the lesser part the beach retained its wild outlook and rocky entrance into the sea.

Important international ecological programme

The blue flag is an international ecological programme for preservation of sea and coastal areas, implemented by the non-profit Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) with seat in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over 40 countries from Europe and throughout the world that invest more care of the sea belt areas due to development of tourism are included in the programme.
Apart from showing the tourists that they chose a high-quality coastal destination, the Blue Flag is also a significant means of education and raising awareness of the public. If the guests notice any breach of criteria, they can report that to FEE-u or its partner organisation "Lijepa naša" (Our Beautiful Country), which is in charge for programme implementation in Croatia.
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