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First championship golf course in Istria

According to many golfers, the wavy course and its special configuration provide the Golf Club Adriatic court at Crveni Vrh, close to Savudrija, with a real charm and challenge. It is about the first golf course in Istria, opened in 2009 and used for competitions as well as the first golf course that Kempinski hotel chain opened in their 120 years old history.
Even the famous tennis player Novak Đoković, a passionate golfer in his free time who unofficially opened this course with a more than impressive sea view, convinced himself of its charm immediately after the opening.
His example was followed by some other world famous athletes, the amateur golfers such as the great famous skiers Bojan Križaj from Slovenia and Christian Mayer from Germany as well as the German tennis player Bernd Karbacher and his compatriots, a ski jumper Dieter Thoma and a snowboarder Markus Ebner who tried to play on this course during the famous German Business Masters golf tournament which takes place on the most beautiful European golf courses.
Even Toni Kukoč, the world famous Croatian basketball player who was, on the Crveni Vrh, a special host during the organisation of the “On the Green with UNICEF” humanitarian golf tournament, could not resist it.
And the field is not easy at all, neither for professionals nor for amateur players to whom is also customized. The average time necessary to pass it is four hours, whilst when the tournament is played, even six hours. Besides the demanding field, the player must overcome another challenge – the wind. This area is one of the windiest areas in Istria. After all 17 holes have been successfully passed as well as the problems with the wind, there is a real surprise – the last 18th hole on the course where many bets took place. It would be better if you find out by yourselves of what kind of surprise we are talking about!
The maximum length of the court is 6,360 metres and is customized for professionals, whilst those with less sport ambitions have at their disposal the shorter court of 4,690 metres. The court is planned as a competitive one, according to the PAR 72 standard.
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