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Nature & camping

Cingarela waterfall and cave

This exciting trail is a real treat for all hiking enthusiasts who like to discover hidden corners of the destination!
The Cingarela waterfall and cave are two secluded gems of northwestern Istria, located on the route between Kaštel and Momjan, in a canyon gorge, at the bottom of which runs the Poganja (or Arđila) stream. The waterfall is particularly magnificent after heavy rains when it’s full of water making its burble intense and beauty breathtaking.
A hiking trail for adrenaline junkies
  • Cingarela can be accessed from several directions, and the one we’re about to describe is the route starting at Kaštel village. You can park your car near the Church of St Saba. From there, cross the road, and follow the macadam road to Gadari. After about an hour’s walk along the marked trail through the forest, you’ll reach the Cingarela cave.

  • You can enter the cave and rest for a moment, just like the first inhabitants who lived here in the Copper Age. After exploring the cave, the path leads you steeply down to the magnificent Cingarela waterfall with its charming little suspension bridge.

  • If this hiking trail is too short for you, you can continue your walk to Momjan and its imposing castle. Find details about this longer route in the in the Walking & Jogging brochure, under the section Walking Route 284 – Two castles and Cingarela.

Warning! There are ropes on part of the trail and the terrain can be very slippery, so hiking boots are essential.
 Technical description of the route
  •  Start and finish: Church of St Saba in Kaštel

  •  Length of the route: approx. 8 km

  •  Time required: approx. 3 hours

  •  Difficulty of the route: demanding, steep, descend sometimes requires the use of ropes

  •  Terrain: asphalt, macadam, dirt road

  •  Best months for hiking: all except June, July, and August

#natural beauties
#Nature and environment
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