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Nature & camping

The natural beauty of Novigrad and its surroundings

Pause for a moment and enjoy the endless beauty of Novigrad’s sea and the magnificent mouth of the Mirna River.
  • Novigrad’s promenade

Miles and miles of seaside promenade invite you to switch-off, enjoy long conversations and discover fantastic beaches and bays at the foot of picturesque vineyards and olive groves. Novigrad’s beautiful seaside promenade, with paved, unpaved and macadam stretches, will appeal especially to lovers of active holidays.
  • The Mirna river delta

At the mouth of the Mirna River, the longest one in Istria, near the Novigrad site of Antenal, you’ll find hundreds of birds, numerous amphibians, reptiles and mammals, as well as plants such as the endemic orchid. If you are a bird lover, take your binoculars and discover the joys of birdwatching in this protected bird reserve. You might get lucky and spot a dunlin, a Siberian nesting bird, which flies over in flocks during the summer.
  • Sunsets in Novigrad

Catch a beautiful sunset by the sea or from one of romantic spots in Novigrad. Settle down at the foot of the bell tower, under the crowns of centuries-old pine trees in the Novigrad Diocese Park or on the secluded beaches beneath it. Sip an aperitif on the charming terraces along the town’s west coast as the sun hits the horizon. For a more intimate experience, take your better half to one of the hidden bays near the town centre, get comfortable and let nature work its magic.
  • Meet the dolphins

The best way to admire the magical play of the sea and the setting sun is from a boat. We invite you to set sail from the old town of Novigrad and enjoy this extraordinary experience. There is a chance you’ll spot dolphins, which will be an exceptional treat for your children. Don’t worry about taking pictures and just enjoy the moment. It’ll remain etched in your memory forever.

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