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Food & wine

Brtonigla: The ideal destination for a gastronomy pleasure

We are located in the northwestern part of Istria, a destination known for the production of wine, wheat, corn, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and fruits, but also cheese. Brtonigla lies on hills shaped by vineyards and olive groves that look into the blue of the Adriatic Sea, which supplies local tables with the best local fish.
We are trying to show and draw attention to the potential of our microlocation in terms of enogastronomy, preserving traditions, and developing our destination in harmony with nature and offer such unique experiences to our visitors.
An experienced group of members of the Italian Community of Nova Vas is also active in conducting and sharing unique experiences, who transmit and promote traditions by preserving and presenting cultural and gastronomic heritage.
 „Pasta Grannies“- finding and filming women who still make pasta by hand - a tradition that is disappearing - videos, recipes and blogs
In July 2021, we had the opportunity to meet Vicky Bennison and her team, Vicky is the creator of the extremely popular YouTube channel "Pasta Grannies". Vicky finds and films women who still make pasta by hand - a tradition that is disappearing. Along the way, he meets producers, people and delicious food. That summer, when Vicky visited Istria, we took the opportunity to invite her to our municipality. Vicky responded to the invitation, so the locals had the opportunity to be part of her story with the help of dear fellow citizens and members of the Nova Vas Italian Community: Lorena Lubiana Belle', Rita Bratović, Barica Poropat, Jelena Gregorović and Ariella Krastić, who prepared a typical recipe: fuži with meat of Istrian cattle.
Below, watch a short video about making traditional Istrian fujas:
 The Italian Community - despite the exodus, there is a substantial Italian minority that promotes local culture and traditions
In order to further develop and promote Brtonigla as a unique destination of top gastronomy and traditional values, in cooperation with the Italian Community of Nova Vas, we organize meetings with journalists and visitors, as well as events with local "contadines" (farmers) in a typical Istrian "courtyard" preparing homemade "fuži" pasta with "žgvacet od kokoši" (chicken stew), sauerkraut, wines, prosciutto and pancetta, as well as croutons and fritters for dessert. Istrian dinners are accompanied by traditional Istrian entertainment with accordion, guitar and trumpet, singing and social games: cards and "mora cantada".
#art and culture
#Regional delicacies
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