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A bubbly Istrian adventure

Istrian soil is well adapted to all manner of adventures, especially wine-related ones. Istria features a mix of all five types of soil found in Croatia – black, red, sandy, clay and loamy – and this is just one of the secrets to our wines’ international success. In addition to the local Teran and Malvasia, Istria’s vineyards also feature Chardonnay, Pinot, Sauvignon Blanc and numerous other grapes, and in recent years, inventive assemblages of these varieties have resulted in exciting new sparkling wines that you simply must try.

Sparkling wines with a backstory

If you set off on the wine routes of northwestern Istria, nearly every winemaker will offer you their own sparkling wine, each of which has its own story. Chardonnay is OK, however Istria’s winemakers have gone not just one step, but light years further. Today, you can even try Teran sparkling wine, made after years of technological research and experimentation with the most various winemaking techniques. The result is sensational and incomparable with anything you will find anywhere else.

With the flavour of the Istrian sun

Istria’s sparkling wines are not just dessert wines or cocktail party stars. They are made with potent varieties that pair fantastically with everything Istrian cuisine has to offer. Spot on with all kinds of shellfish, bold and vain when paired with Istrian fuži or pljukanci pasta, perfect with sole or any kind of rockfish, it emphasises the tartness of asparagus and the sweetness of desserts. If you let a wine expert guide you on a tour of Istria’s sparkling wines, you will enter an undiscovered new realm of organoleptic delights: jump at the chance and seduce your senses with the voluptuous sensation of bubbles flavoured by the Istrian sun.

For any occasion

Once you get to know them, it will be hard to part with them. And why should you? Treat yourself to a glass between holes on the golf course in Savudrija, toast at a picnic by the river Mirna, greet the setting sun with a glass of its most valuable reward... They say sparkling wine is for special occasions only – but we say every moment in Istria is special and worth toasting to. Cheers!

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