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Food & wine
NW Istria

Teran - Wine of the mighty

The first mention of Teran wine dates back to the fourteenth century, when it was served in ceramic bottles to imperial emissaries. Until some one hundred years ago, it was the most widespread variety in Istria. Teran is a wine with character, strength, persistency and slightly higher acidity. Typically the wine of Istrian farm workers and domestic households, it also found its way to the tables of nobility.

About Teran

The wine’s rich, robust character is evident while the grapes are still on the vines. Teran grows in large clusters of densely packed berries with resistant skins. When you bite into a berry, its pulp bursts into your mouth. If you are looking for an authentic experience or something new, teran is the right choice.
It is said to be the colour of hare’s blood. If you swirl it in your glass, you can catch a glimpse of purple tones. The scent of raspberries prevails in its aroma.

Teran – a native Istrian variety

Some of the best Teran wines currently found on the Croatian market are from northwestern Istria and are produced in the wine cellars of :
  • CUJ – Kraljević, Farnežine

  • Kabola, Momjan

  • Kozlović, Momjan

  • Zigante Duvilio, Kostanjica

  • Coronica, Koreniki

  • Veralda, Brtonigla

  • Cattunar, Nova Vas

  • Clai, Krasica

  • San Mauro, Momjan

  • Degrassi, Savudrija

  • Franković, Buje

Each cellar has its own story to tell about Teran, Istria’s indigenous variety.

A glass of Teran with your meal

A glass of Teran is an excellent match for all meat and wild game dishes, particularly spicy ones. It is also recommended with prosciutto (Istrian dried ham) and cheese, a typical Istrian starter that is even tastier when served with homemade bread.

A hidden Istrian gem

On your travels along the wine road, enthusiasts such as Moreno Coronica will teach you that lighter and delightfully drinkable versions of Teran do exist. Contrary to conventional thought, Teran can also be served to company during a pleasant afternoon chat.
Teran is best served at about 18 degrees. It is a wine of great potential and impending success, as wines lovers in Europe and around the world begin to learn more about this hidden jewel among Istrian wines.
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