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Teran Wine & Walk: Exploring the Paths of Motovun with Premium Wines

by Tea Čizmek Mesarić
  • You've already participated in Wine & Walk events several times. How many times have you attended, and what keeps bringing you back?

So far, I've participated "only" 3 times. I say "only" because each one is unique and has its own story. I regret not joining earlier. I'm someone who greatly enjoys nature, fine food, and wine, so this combination enchanted me right from the start.
  • How long does it take you to walk the 12 km trail?

I remember when I came to my first Wine & Walk; I thought I would complete the 10-12 km in 2 hours, maybe 3 if I took it easy. Now, it's quite amusing because it takes me around 7-8 hours each time. It's a whole working day spent in enjoyment. Let someone say it's easy to walk and balance a wine glass up and down the hills.
  • Can you share your favorite moment from this event?

Last year, also in Motovun, at the beginning of the trail, I met a married couple from Samobor (or Strmec). We spent time together throughout the trail and experienced a "small world" moment when we realized they were neighbors of my wedding godparents. This year, without any arrangement, we met again at the starting point, entirely spontaneously. Once again, we walked the entire trail together. Wine & Walk connects people from all over Croatia (and other countries; we also met Slovenian neighbors, people from Germany, etc.).
  • What are the main attractions on the trail, such as viewpoints, Parenzana tunnels, and wineries?

For me, the diversity of attractions is very interesting: the viewpoint towards Motovun, the humorous performance in the tunnel where the conductor "encouraged" us to stand in pairs and questioned us about the tunnel, then small old churches, agrotourism spots, wineries, and, above all, the natural beauty of our region: those vineyards, olive groves, the sea view... it's hard to describe; you must experience it with all your senses.
  • How would you describe the natural beauty and the environment through which the Teran Wine & Walk trail passes?

No matter where I am in Istria, I can't stop admiring its natural beauties, as if I wasn't born here, as if I were a tourist. The combination of green vineyards and olive groves, red soil, and the blue sea... it's so magical that sometimes it looks like a fairy tale, especially when the fog envelops part of Motovun and its vineyards.
  • During the walk, you visited different wineries and rest stops. Can you share your favorite wine or local specialty you tasted during the event?

Since Rosé is my favorite type of wine, I would give a slight preference to Fachin's Rosé Piantade, even though all the wines were very delicious. When it comes to food, our Istrian maneštra from Konoba Fakin was the greatest pleasure. I have to admit that this is the most challenging question for me.
  • Do you have a photo that best encapsulates the Teran Wine & Walk experience? Tell us something about your photo.

If I had to condense the entire experience into one photo, it would be this one:
Because it represents the most important elements of Wine & Walk: a great team, beautiful nature, and the view of magical Motovun. And, of course, balancing with wine glasses.
  • What advice would you offer to people planning to attend Teran Wine & Walk?

To bring extra water with them, sunscreen, and savor every taste, aroma, and step. And not to miss any Wine & Walk.
  • How would you summarize your overall experience at this event in one sentence or thought?

A delight for all the senses.


Tea Čizmek Mesarić

Author of the blog "Mamika," photographer, and writer.

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