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Momjan: Everything You Did Not Know About the Istrian Fairy Tale Town

by Mihaela Marija Perković

From Caves…

In Momjan people have lived since prehistoric times. We know because the remains of quartz and stone tools were found in the Cingareli cave. The ancient also Romans lived here, and later on the Italian and German nobles, too. At the beginning of the 20th century Momjan officially became a town, and then its story as a hidden pearl of Istrian tourism is born.

…to Castles

Of all the Istrian castles, the Momjan Kaštel remains in memory the longest because of the hanging bridge whose remains are still there and give each visit an awesome atmosphere. On the rocky lookout above the Ardillo stream, this castle is my favorite walk.

A Good Muscat is Known Everywhere

The Momjan Malvasia is a special experience for the palate, while the white Muscat has been a real delicacy since ancient times for its dry sweetness and intense gold color. Even the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef had a habit of sending for it. In the local cuisine, there is an older monarch – truffle!

Walks, Walks and More Walks

The Momjan region was created for walks in nature; lazy ones, adventurous ones, romantic one, or walks with children… There are hundreds of them. If you are here for the first time, or if you have small kids, start down one of the lovely promenades. Or perhaps go down from an old cemetery on a hill that provides a view of the wine-growing valley of Momjan through vineyards, abandoned villages to a stream that was once filled with mills.

History in Nature

The nearby village of Kučibreg is worth a visit because of the breathtaking view of the panorama. Instead of the local church, which is there in almost every town, here you can visit the monument to the fallen soldiers of the battle at Kučibreg from the Second World War.


Mihaela Marija Perković

Science fiction, motorcylces and books brought her to Istria, home to SF convention Istrakon, Festival of Fantastic Literature and Book Fair(y) in Pula, where the Croatian Bike Week also takes place. The tunning nature, unbelievably great cuisine and fantastic people make her come back to it year in, year out.

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