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Food & wine
NW Istria

Wineries of Northwestern Istria

The wine scene of northwestern Istria is exceptionally dynamic and diverse. We present you some of the wineries worth visiting, without taking anything away from the rest of the wine cellars you might come across when touring our winemaking region. Whichever you choose, you simply can’t go wrong.


A small village of Krasica next to Buje is home to an iconic winery where legendary Giorgio Clai makes his organic wines. When it comes to Clai, you will either worship him or avoid him, since his wine philosophy is quite different from the common view. He is strongly against the use of any artificial substances, which is reflected in his distinguished author wines. Clai believes this to be the only way to preserve the main qualities of Istrian terroir.


Moreno Coronica's winery is situated in Koreniki, a village close to Umag. You will be surprised by Moreno's colourful personality and his profound connection with Istrian soil surrounding his modern cellar. This winemaker sets the standards when it comes to growing native Istrian varieties, Malvasia and Teran. Be sure to taste Gran-labelled wines that are produced exclusively from supreme quality grapes and are an impressive example of varietal wines of northwestern Istria.


Moreno Degrassi is one of the initiators of the new wave of Istrian winemaking. Thanks to his love of wine and extensive experience gained through hard work, today he is one of the most prominent Istrian winemakers. His philosophy is based on making simple but striking wines of a distinctive character. At his estate in Bašanija near Savudrija, Moreno nurtures an impressive wine collection of 38 labels, more than any other winemaker in northwestern Istria.


The beautifully decorated tasting room of the Fiore winery is a true ornament of the local wine scene, so it is no wonder that its name, meaning 'flower' in Italian, fits it perfectly. Even though its owners got into winemaking as late as 2013, their award-winning Malvasia characterised by sophisticated sweetness and their divine sparkling wine Campo have already won the hearts of local wine aficionados. In addition to the excellent wines, here you will enjoy a cosy family atmosphere in the company of Lili, the lady of the house.


This winery will remind you of a fairy tale Tuscan villa with a magnificent driveway dominated by grapevines and tall cypress trees. Along with Malvasia, Merlot, Teran, Cabernet and sparkling wines, its owner Marino Markežić also produces the protected Muscat of Momjan, grown precisely at this micro-location. Malvasia and Teran from amphora, macerated in a clay pot buried in the ground, are Kabola's specialties enchanting refined wine palates.


Gianfranco Kozlović is a pioneer of Istrian winemaking whose fame has spread beyond the local boundaries long ago. On the green slopes of Santa Lucia at the foot of Momjan, he built the most impressive Istrian winery, listed among the most beautiful ones in the world. Not only will you be amazed by its attractive design, but also by the premium-quality wines waiting to be tasted on a lovely terrace surrounded by tranquil nature. Its offer includes special walking tours and tastings of its splendid wines, among which you should definitely try Kozlović's refined Malvasia wines.


Damir Mihelić is the true heart and soul of this Novigrad winery. He studied in Gorizia and returned to his home town to keep up the family tradition. The Ghira winery was named after a family nickname and, in addition to red Ghira, a coupage of Merlot, Teran and Cabernet Sauvignon, it also offers a very special Malvasia. With 14% alcohol content, it is "stronger" and completely different from the common offer of fresh, vibrating Malvasia wines. It grows in vineyards covered with native herbs and nettle, with bees buzzing and horses making their way to the grapevines.


The Veralda winery is nestled among the rolling hills of Brtonigla. All members of the Visintin family are truly dedicated to the winemaking tradition, with a special accent on award-winning native varieties of Malvasia and Teran. The family celebrated their biggest success in 2016, when their Teran wine Istrian has won a Decanter World Wine Award in the prestigious Best Red Single Varietal in Show category for wines priced over £15 per bottle. Their Malvasia, Teran rosé and Teran sparkling wine also received awards.
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