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Art and culture

Video About the Fishing Tradition in Novigrad

For centuries, having the nets full has been the most crucial thing for many families in Novigrad, and it still is today. Facts from the past and the present active fishermen, who themselves have become part of the important history they have passed through, speak to us about the Novigrad fishing tradition, a heritage of immeasurable value, now being safeguarded.
Silvio, Amedeo, Roberto, Ennio, Matteo, and Manuel, the Novigrad fishermen, are the main stars of the video spot where they talk about the love for fishing that runs in their blood, about changes in fishing techniques, types of tools, the golden age of Novigrad fishing, legendary colleagues who are no longer with us, and about the new generations who ensure that the Mandrač harbour will always have fishing boats eager for new adventures with their captains. Watch it!
Capturing these thoughts, these present moments that give dimension to the past, is part of the FishInNo project (Fishing Tradition in Novigrad) by the Tourist Board of the Town of Novigrad – Cittanova in partnership with the City of Novigrad. Selected by the Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as one of the projects funded by the European Union funds from the European Fisheries Fund. The funds amounting to €59.224,00 were allocated through the Local Initiatives of Northwestern Istria, FLAG "Pinna Nobilis": Measure 2.3.1. – Support for activities promoting, marketing, and preserving the maritime/fishing traditions and heritage of the FLAG fishing area.
#art and culture
#Adriatic sea
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