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Umag coast – Stara Savudrija Route

A distance training seaside run

If you like running and you’re on holiday in Umag, we recommend a run along the western coast from the centre of town to Savudrija, allowing you to discover one of the most impressive routes in northwestern Istria. This pleasant road trail winding along the coast will bring you 24 km of pure enjoyment. A combination of tarmac, macadam and hard track is great for breaking up the monotony, and the views it offers are reason enough to try to run the whole path at whatever pace suits you.

Route description

Follow the path of the tourist train, starting from the tourist train station in Umag, along the coast, to the main beach in Punta. Then follow the coastal trail through Stella Maris, Katoro and Polynesia resorts to Zambratija. In Zambratija, turn towards Crvena uvala until you reach the Moj Mir resort and Camping Savudrija Umag. Here, at the westernmost point of Croatia, you will find the oldest active lighthouse on the Adriatic at Savudrija point. Take the opportunity to use this exceptional location as a photo backdrop before continuing on along the sea to the picturesque fishing harbour in Savudrija . There, you will also find a tap with water to refresh yourself and refill your water bottle. Return to the starting point via the same path.

Round off your training: first running, then swimming

Returning along the route from Savudrija towards Umag, you will pass numerous beaches. The entire length of the suggested route amounts to 24km, which you can run in its entirety. However, in the warmer parts of the year, you can also shorten the length and include some swimming into your training session. There is a wide selection of beaches from Savudrija to Umag: at Veli Jože and Camping Savudrija campsites, in Zambratija bay, in Katoro and Stella Maris, and in Punta. This makes this running route a great choice for triathletes , as well as for enthusiasts looking to cool down after a run. Relaxed muscles and a feeling of pure satisfaction are guaranteed!

Route information

Surface: mostly asphalt, some macadam, some hard track
Slope: no significant altitude gain
Lighting: daytime route
Recommended purpose: distance training
Points of interest along the route: the sunken town of Sipar, the ruins of which can be seen at low tide (Kaštel point); the oldest active lighthouse on the Adriatic, built in 1818 (Savudrija point); Savudrija harbour; hanging boats
Additional information: during summer, you can use the toilets at Polynesia resort and at Camping Savudrija and Veli Jože campsites.
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