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Sport in Novigrad

Novigrad is a sun-kissed destination with excellent accommodation options and a variety of sports facilities. No wonder many amateur and professional athletes gladly come here for active holidays or pre-competition preparations.


Due to a large number of pitches with both natural and artificial turf and multi-purpose fields for 5-a-side football, Novigrad has already hosted numerous preparation events for rising football stars from Europe and the rest of the world. Also, this is where the Istria Youth Cup tournament takes place, bringing together promising football players of up to 16 years of age from the top clubs in the world.


There are 23 clay tennis courts available: 17 close to the Aminess Maestral and Laguna hotels, 4 in Karpinjan, and 2 within the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort (4 km from Novigrad). You’re more than welcome to try out one of the tennis activities offered on well-kept courts with all the essential amenities, which is why prominent tennis schools host preparations and tournaments in Novigrad on a regular basis.


 Whether you like asphalt-surfaced trails meandering along the seashore or adventurous off-road sections, Novigrad is the right destination for you and your two-wheeled friend.
Cycle your way to Dajla and its impressive Benedictine monastery or explore the River Mirna valley near Antenal, where rare birds find their nest. There is an excellent bike hotel close by, and a tourist office at the very centre, where you can get a map of marked trails.


 In Novigrad you can try your eye at trap shooting, i.e. shooting at moving clay targets. This sports discipline was made popular by the local Olympic gold winner Giovanni Cernogoraz, an active member of the Gusar Shooting Association in Bužinija, where you’ll also find a shooting range for training sessions.


Novigrad has a modern sports hall that hosts local and international tournaments in many sports from 5-a-side football and handball to basketball, volleyball, table tennis, karate, etc. There you can also play squash, work up a sweat at the fitness centre or join one of the group exercise workouts.
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