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Food & wine

Novigrad’s seafood specialities

Renowned restaurants, which have been included in world-famous gastronomic guides, and refined seafood delicacies such as Novigrad scallops, mussels and squid, make Novigrad a true gourmand mecca. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood paired with high quality olive oils and wines all year round.
 The exceptional taste of Novigrad scallops and mussels is due to the unique nature of the Mirna River’s delta, where sea water mixes with fresh water. Shellfish are typically caught all year round and are particularly tasty from early spring to late summer, when local restaurants offer them in a wide variety of dishes. The colder months of the year are reserved for squid, while the warmer months are ideal for catching cuttlefish.
Gourmet recommendations
  • fish menu by the famous chef Marina Gaši at Marina restaurant

  • Novigrad style sashimi at Damir & Ornella restaurant

  • catch of the day and raw shellfish at Čok restaurant

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