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Art and culture

Novigrad’s bell tower – the town symbol

The landmark of St Pelagius 
It’s impossible to visit Novigrad without spotting its 44 m high bell tower, standing next to the Parish church of St Pelagius and St Maximus. This town landmark was built in 1883, with carved stone blocks, on the ruins of the old bell tower and modelled after that of St Mark’s in Venice.
St Pelagius overlooking the town
Standing atop the bell tower since 1913 is a statue of St Pelagius, a third century Christian martyr and the town’s patron saint. The wooden statue is covered in bronze and, due to its flexible pedestal, rotates according to the blowing winds. In the past, it was extremely important to the local fishermen, who could tell the wind by the statue’s position. If it was facing north, the bora was blowing and it was a good time to set sail. If it was facing south, it meant scirocco wind and therefore unfavourable conditions for fishing.
Brave, faithful, just, benevolent towards the poor and protector of the common people, St Pelagius stands at the highest and most honourable point in the entire town, inspiring all passers-by. It is a truly unique experience to climb to the top of the bell tower and admire the splendid view of the sea and the Novigrad waterfront, although it is only possible in the summer months.
#art and culture
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