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Food & wine

Novigrad for gourmands

Novigrad is most often described as a tiny fishermen’s town on the western coast of Istria. Its location contributes greatly to the town’s gourmet offer, based on seafood. Come and see for yourself how local chefs use it to create culinary masterpieces!
There are more than 40 restaurants in Novigrad, which makes it one of the brightest stars on Istria’s culinary scene. However, it’s not the numbers but quality that lends to its success: here you’ll find top fine-dining restaurants recommended by Michelin as well as charming konobas, unique in their refined simplicity.
Local restaurateurs and chefs take a seasonal approach to important local ingredients, and tailor their menus mainly on fish and seafood. You’ll get the best from the day’s catch of the hard-working Novigrad fishermen, from scallops and squid to sole, sea bass, and sea bream, combined with land-based ingredients such as wild asparagus, mushrooms, truffles, etc.
Novigrad’s image of a renowned gourmet destination is strongly influenced by extra virgin olive oils and exquisite wines from local olive oil and wine producers, who invest their heart and soul into what they do. Taking part in tastings is simply a must because you’ll learn many unforgettable stories that testify to the knowledge, devotion and risk-taking mindset of local producers. Also, your palate will be thrilled, too!
Local gourmet events worth visiting include the street food festival, taking place in May and October and offering interesting dishes that bring together Istrian land and sea, walks in nature with wine and local delicacies tasting as part of the September event Wine & Walk by the sea, and Che gusto!, a wine tasting experience involving supreme Croatian, Slovenian and Italian wines, scheduled for late July.
#Regional delicacies
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