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Nature & camping
Novigrad, Umag

An unforgettable camping destination

The highly rated camps of northwestern Istria situated on the Adriatic shore beckon to a dream summer holiday and relaxation in Mediterranean nature. From elite camps in the Umag surroundings to Novigrad, these green holiday oases inspire the imagination of travellers and boast with hundreds of meters of developed beaches, sports courses, promenades and groves.

Campsites in Umag

Camping Park Umag

As winner of the highest ADAC recognitions, excellent Camping Park Umag is a large community of campers from all parts of Europe. It operates in keeping with the latest standards, and its capacity of over 6000 guests also makes it the largest camp in Istria and one of the best in Croatia.

Camping Stella Maris

Camping Stella Maris is part of an attractive tourist and sports complex by the sea in which, at only 1,5 km from Umag, a tennis court bearing the same name is situated at which an ATP tournament takes place.

Camping Savudrija

Camping Savudrija, another from the refined company of four star Umag camps, is located near the small fishing village of Savudrija, on the far north-west of Istria.

Camping Finida

The reliable and elegant Camping Finida nearby the village of Lovrečica in the vicinity of Umag

Camping Kanegra

A smallish naturist Camping Kanegra at the coast of Savudrija cove are also members of this group

Campsites in Novigrad

Camp Aminess Sirena

Camp Sirena is situated at the entrance into the town of Novigrad, in a developed tourist settlement on the shore. It has an ideal location with regard to the picturesque centre of the old town, from which it is only a 10-minute walk away.

Camping Aminess Maravea

Camping Aminess Maravea will ensure to its guests a touch with the essence of life in the Mediterranean nature – only a step away from the clean Adriatic sea, whose blue water invites you to various exploring and sports activities, or just relaxation on one of the beautiful beaches of the blue Istria.
Camps of northwestern Istria are a true inspiration thanks to their varied contents, they invite to sports and entertainment and guarantee a complete experience of the Adriatic. During your stay, attractive Istrian beaches, coves and bays are within easy reach, with lush forest vegetation offering an escape from the summer sun.
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