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New Attraction in Novigrad - Digital Totems

As you stroll by the city harbour of Mandrač , next to the bell tower, along the promenade in Karpinjan, or while visiting the Tourist Information Center in Novigrad, your attention will be drawn to the large freestanding screen showcasing historical photographs of Novigrad. Engaging information about the history and present of fishing in Novigrad will be presented in textual and video formats in four languages.
These are the digital information totems that will share many intriguing stories about the fishing tradition of Novigrad over the next several years, preserving this valuable heritage from oblivion and promoting a crucial segment of Novigrad's economy that shapes the city's identity. Both residents and visitors are thrilled by this innovation, especially the younger generation accustomed to this form of information dissemination. The contemporary fishermen mentioned in the content are particularly delighted. They are immensely pleased that the unwritten history of Novigrad's fishing, after so many centuries, has finally been documented and rescued from oblivion.
This investment is part of the FishInNo project (Fishing Tradition in Novigrad), conducted by the Tourist Board of the Town of Novigrad – Cittanova in partnership with the City of Novigrad. It is co-financed through European Union funds from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture allocated €59.224,00 of public funds from the European Union through the Local Initiatives of Northwestern Istria, FLAG "Pinna Nobilis": Measure 2.3.1. – Support for activities promoting, marketing, and preserving the maritime/fishing traditions and heritage of the FLAG fishing area.
#art and culture
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