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Food & wine

Muškat Momjanski - A star among Istrian wines

The most splendid wine brand

Muškat Momjanski (Momjan Muscat) is perhaps the most splendid wine brand of the Umag-Novigrad region. For centuries, this special variety of white muscat has provided a delicacy that guarantees an authentic experience for the palate of any wine lover.
It is appreciated beyond the boundaries of Istria as well. As far back as 1935, it won a gold medal at a wine review in Brussels, and it was a favourite at the courts of Emperor Franz Joseph in Vienna and King Emanuel III in Rome.

Native Istrian grape variety

Momjanski Muškat is a dry, sweet wine of a deep golden colour with an aroma reminiscent of wild carnations, roses and sage. Over the centuries, it has created its kingdom on the hills surrounding Momjan, a picturesque village near Buje.
Peasants from the Italian province of Furlania are believed to have brought the white muscat to Istria around the year 1200. Over time, the vine adapted to the local hills and the special features of the region’s climate and soils, ultimately transforming into a separate variety – Muškat Momjanski. Today it grows in a limited area stretching from the hills at Oskoruš to St. John at Merišić.
When ranking Istrian wines, many connoisseurs tend to single out Muškat Momjanski. It is the perfect wine to pair not only with desserts, but with any fine dish as well. It is also said to have an aphrodisiacal effect, particularly, where “chaste ladies” are concerned.

Muscat tasting is a true delight

The wine has a delicate aroma and a full taste that lingers in your mouth. To bring out all its pleasing and noble properties, serve chilled to about 12°C.
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