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Food & wine
NW Istria

Istrian pršut

Traditional specialty

The production of Istrian pršut (dried ham), a traditional specialty, is based on authenticity and on customs passed on from one generation to the next. Great care is given to pig rearing, and to the way pigs’ legs are cut, salted, peppered and dried.  
Istrian pršut is an indigenous product as only in Istria is the entire skin and underlying subcutaneous tissue of the pig leg removed prior to processing. Maturation is a vital stage of production, and it largely depends on the bora, a cold northerly wind.  

The most sought after appetizer in Istria

This delicacy is left to dry for about one year. It is hand cut prior to serving. Istria pršut holds one of the most prestigious places in Istrian cuisine, and it is among the most requested starters in konobas (taverns) and restaurants throughout Istria.

Istrian prosciutto has:

  • An intense flavour and aroma

  • A consistent red colour

  • A moderate, savoury flavour

  • A fine consistency

#Regional delicacies
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