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NW Istria

Istria Gran Fondo, more than just a cycling marathon

Cycling is one of the most popular sports and recreation activities in northwestern Istria, as proven by the numerous local events intended for those who love life on two wheels. However, the queen of bike events at this particular destination is certainly the Istria Granfondo, an international marathon that premiered in 2012, and has attracted a few hundred competitors each year, all "armed" with good will and a competitive spirit.
In 2023, the Istria Granfondo became part of the largest amateur cycling series in the world managed by the UCI (International Cycling Union). By joining the UCI, the Istria Gran Fondo became one of the selected events in the UCI Gran Fondo World Series, which gathers the best cyclists and cycling enthusiasts around the world competing for the title of world champion.

An adventurous, challenging course

The central event of this two-day happening is the main race, which starts in Umag. Intended for experienced cyclists, competitors will be able to choose between two courses – Istria Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo. Both courses begin and end at Stella Maris Resort, near Goran Ivanišević Stadium, and pass through the interior of northwestern Istria. After the end of the race, the winners will be officially announced, awards will be distributed, and then – it's time to party!

Good news travels far

The event also includes an unmissable side programme with exhibitions in the Expo Zone, content for youngsters, bike exhibitions, gourmet food and wine, and much more.
Year after year, the international character of the Gran Fondo shows through as it draws competitors from more than 10 countries. The race is especially popular among Slovenian, Italian and Austrian cyclists. News of the race has spread to countries as far afield as Great Britain, and even Canada! Without a doubt, everyone who lives to ride should add the Gran Fondo to their list of experiences.
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