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Food & wine
NW Istria

Best Istrian wines paired with delicious Istrian cuisine

Wine and food have always been a good match: one without the other, just doesn't feel right. For that reason we have selected Some of Istria's best wines to be paired with some of the region's most delicious specialities. All you have to do is come down to Istria and enjoy them - both.

White wines

Degrassi Malvazija Bomarchese - this fruity Malvasia with a dominant taste of green apples and tender white flower notes goes great together with sea shells, oysters with a drop of extra virgin olive oil, fish and white meats.
Degrassi Terre Bianche Cuvee Blanc - has a tropical fruit at the beginning that turns into ripe peach afterwards, soft and warm yet at the same time fresh and easy to drink, great paired with seashell buzara (typical dish for the coastal Croatia).
Coronica Malvazija - is one of the most popular Malvasias of Istria with a fruity bouquet and lots of minerality on the nose and the palate. Goes great together with roastbeaf.
Malvasia Sv. Jakov - by Giorigio Clai is truly a special wine - clean and intense, dominated by aromas of peaches and apricots, citrus and ripe pineapple and later on you will feel Mediterranean herbs, acacia and rosemary. Recommended with a squid zgvacet (squid stew, a simple fisherman’s dish yet full flavored).

Red wines

Coronica Gran Teran - is somewhat untypical wine with its smoothness you don’t often see with this Istrian variety. Blackberry and blueberry aromas round up the wine that is paired great with a beefsteak with grated black Istrian truffle on top.
Roxanich Superistrian - has a fantastic dark ruby red color: on the nose you will feel violets, ripe cherries, woody notes, tangerines and smoky taste of blueberries while the aftertaste reveals chocolate and strawberries. Recommended with veal scaloppini dish.
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