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34 years of Umag's ATP tournament

The international tennis tournament Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag is celebrating its thirty-fourth birthday in 2024.

Historical ATP moments

The rich history of the ATP tournament in Umag has been marked with amazing and often dramatic matches in which top international tennis players lost to far less experienced players. Many won their first titles in Umag, some abandoned matches due to injury or exhaustion, and the finals lasted from a speedy 61 minutes (Thiem and Sousa in 2015) to an exhausting 170 minutes (Verdasco and Andreev in 2008).
Carlos Moya, the local audience favourite, has won the tournament five times while Croatian players have only celebrated twice, Marin Čilić in 2012 and Goran Prpić in 1990. Winners have come from all four corners of the world: Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Italia, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia.

Umag and ATP: a story of true love

Umag is known as a town of sports and recreation, and tennis is woven into this story in golden letters. It is a love that has lasted a few decades, one of those that brought Umag the title of European Town of Sport in 2018. The tournament is a great promotion for Istria and Croatia with matches reaching audiences in as many as 100 countries worldwide. The Umag ATP tournament has won numerous awards, including the ATP Award of Excellence. However, the one that best describes the energy of the tournament is the Best Fan Experience award, which confirms exactly what many players and friends of the tournament are constantly emphasizing: its infectious enthusiasm and feel-good atmosphere.
Come and see for yourself!
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