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Food & wine

10 video recipes to help you cook like a local in Novigrad

You'll say "Che fino!" (How delicious!) when you taste one of the dishes you've prepared for your family, thanks to following the cooking process in the video recipes by Novigrad's celebrated chefs. These 10 video recipes will motivate you to prepare more fish and other seafood-based dishes, taking care of your healthy eating habits and those of your children. You can watch one of the recipes here, and find the rest on the YouTube channel of the Novigrad – Cittanova Tourist Bord CHE FINO video recipes.
Learn how to prepare mussels, squid, cuttlefish, sardines, and even shark! Did you know that from 1 kg of sea bass, you can make a family meal in two courses? Are you aware that you can "color" octopus purple and serve it as a delightful surprise for dinner guests?
While watching the video recipes, you'll notice they were filmed in attractive locations around Novigrad, even on a fishing boat in the old Mandrač harbor. Five exceptional chefs from the Novigrad area shared their knowledge and delicious seafood-based recipes on camera, keeping in mind that they are prepared at home, not demanding to cook, not expensive, healthy, fresh, and very tasty – which befits the quality of the catch in this part of the Adriatic sea. All fish lovers will be able to educate themselves with video recipes for dishes that Marina Gaši, Mattea Beletić, David Skoko, Marko Botić, and Ivan Ergović often prepare for their guests and themselves. These recipes are spiced up with an educational note from marine biologist Neven Iveša and nutritionist Željka Peršurić.
Instructions for preparing their specialties are already published on the web. Download the recipe book "Novigrad's recipes with the taste of sea." It contains many traditional recipes that Novigrad's housewives and restaurateurs have preserved for decades, as well as information about the long tradition of seafood-based cuisine in northwestern Istria.
These are just a part of the activities carried out within the CHE FINO project - Choose Health and Eat Fish in Novigrad. The project leader, the Novigrad – Cittanova Tourist Board, and the project partner, the Novigrad City library, have designed and implemented a series of educational activities for children and adults, which have been approved based on the call of the Local action group in fisheries – FLAG "Pinna nobilis," within Measure 4.2.1., Support for activities aimed at raising citizens' awareness of fish and other seafood consumption, for which the Fisheries administration of the Ministry of agriculture allocated €48,645.00 in non-refundable funds from the European maritime and fisheries fund.
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