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Useful informations

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Useful Information

Online payment of the nautical tourist tax

Online payment of the nautical tourist tax via portalnautika.evisitor.hr
The tourist tax may be paid per vessel length or per number of persons staying on the vessel.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Towns of Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla nad Buje and wish you another pleasant stay.
eVisitor, the information system for the registration of tourists, it’s a free Internet hub links that provides an up-to-date database of holiday home (house or apartment) owners.
In order to gain user data to have access for the facilities within eVisitor system, it is necessary to visit the Tourism Board, beforehand, providing the following:

- Owner's social insurance number;
- Owner's personal identification document (ID or passport);
- Certificate of ownership.
Please note you have to visit the Tourism Board only ONCE. After holding your user data you can continue to register yourself and all other persons visiting the holiday home or apartment.
In the event that the owner of the property cannot obtain the user data in person, it can be done on his or her behalf by means of power of attorney certified by the public notary. With this authorisation, the assignee must present his or her ID and a copy of the owner's ID.


Under the law, the owners of holiday homes are required to report every arrival in the destination. The responsibility to register and check-out does not cease by payment of a lump sum.


Based on the selected method of payment/per day or lump/ the money order can be downloaded from the system and the payment can be done in the financial institutions (bank, post office, FINA) or through online banking system.
Town of Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla and Umag Tourism Board will provide a terminal for registration of property owners at their office and offer qualified help.
The owners of holiday homes (house or apartment) and all family members staying in these premises must pay the sojourn tax for each overnight stay, which in 2020 totals HRK 3,00 PER PERSON (30% of the full sojourn tax) FOR THE OWNER AND THE FAMILY IN THE PERIOD FROM JUNE 15TH UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15TH. A holiday house or apartment owner can pay the sojourn tax for themselves and their immediate family members in a lump sum. In 2020, the sojourn tax lump sum totals HRK 200 per person for the first two persons whose stay at a holiday apartment or house is being registered, and HRK 100 per person for other persons – owner’s immediate family members.
The owner of the holiday home or apartment who decides to pay a lump sum for the sojourn tax must make the payment by the 15th of July of the current year.
All the others (friends) staying in the premises IN THE PERIOD FROM JUNE 15TH UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15TH , must pay the sojourn tax for each overnight stay HRK 10,00 PER PERSON (tourist tax is not payable by children up to the age of 12 years and children aged 12 to 18 years pay 50%).
All holiday home and apartment owners in the area of Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla and Buje are asked to bring a valid identification document of the property owner to the Tourism Board Office, to entry into the eVisitor system.
Please note that as the owner of a holiday apartment or house in Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla and Buje you are required to register any person staying at your holiday apartment or house throughout the year. This can be done in an easy and quick manner via the e-Visitor website www.evisitor.hr on the day of the guest’s arrival to Destination or earlier, following the instructions below:
If the same persons are staying at a holiday house or apartment each year and/or several times a year, it is not necessary to enter their personal data from their ID card or passport each time, since those data will be already stored within the system and need to be updated only, by adding the arrival and departure date.
Once you have accessed your profile within the eVisitor system (user name, password, number from the TAN list), please do the following:

1. On the menu at the top of the page click on the TURISTI (TOURISTS) icon to open the tourist registration page; once the page opens click on the PRONAĐI TURISTE (TOURIST SEARCH) icon in the upper righthand corner of the page.

2. A window will open where you will first select the relevant accommodation facility and then enter the guest’s arrival and departure date/time.

3. In the search field right below enter the full name and surname of the person whose stay you are registering. The system will immediately recognise the data pertaining to any person who has already been registered and list all registration entries for this person, starting from the most recent entry.

4. To access, for example, the last entry, tick the box at the start of the line with the guest data to confirm those personal data and register the guest for the period you have already set.

5. To confirm, click on the PRIJAVI ODABRANE (REGISTER THE SELECTED PERSONS) icon. If registering more than one person for the predefined period, before clicking on the registration icon enter the names of the rest of the persons, one by one, in the search field, and confirm their data in the same way as for the first person.

6. Finally, a page will open where you will see all necessary registration data entered. To confirm the registration, all you need to is click on the PRIJAVI (COMPLETE REGISTRATION) icon at the bottom of the page.
Note: If you are paying the sojourn tax in a lump sum, prior to confirming registration make sure to check if the payment per overnight or in a lump sum option is marked by a black dot, and make the necessary changes. You also need to check the guest category, i.e. if the registered person is the holiday home owner and a family member or a friend of the holiday home owner.
Registration of stay is obligatory regardless of whether you have paid the sojourn tax in a lump sum and whether the season in question requires overnight stay payment or not. In the Republic of Croatia, guest registration is mandatory throughout the year, for all guests, including children (regardless of their age). If you fail to do so, you are subject to a fine. If you are unable to register via eVisitor, you can do it in person at the Tourist Board office, or by sending an enquiry to the email address.
We trust that you will follow these instructions so that you can enjoy every moment of your holiday in Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla and Buje!
For additional information, please contact:
TB Umag +385 52 741-363, e-mail: info@istria-umag.com
TB Novigrad +385 52 757-075, e-mail: info@novigrad-cittanova.hr
TB Brtonigla +385 52 774-303, e-mail: info@tzo-brtonigla.hr
TB Buje +385 52 773-353, e-mail: info@tzg-buje.hr
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