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Teran – A Grape Variety, Type of Red Wine and an Event to Remember!

Teran tells a three-part tale, one of the autochthonous grape variety, another of the red wine type and the third of Istrian history.  Teran wine has a distinguishingly intense red color with a fruity aroma and is being made from the identically named grape variety, known for its local origins and for being vital in Istrian wine making tradition for over 100 years.   Its scents are astringent, robust, strong and full at the same time, making it ideal to be tasted with prosciutto, cheese and meat-based cuisine, such as wild game specialties.
Until the 19th century, Teran had been the leading grape variety of the Istrian region.  Today, Teran still is the leading type of red wine in Istria. Teran had been referenced in historic literature for over 600 years and was widely utilized as an exclusive form of gifting the ambassadors serving the Venetian Republic, Austrian and Ottoman Empires.
Just recently, on October 15th, 2022, Teran acquired its own brand ambassadors, a group of 500 wine lovers that arrived from 5 countries to the first Teran Wine & Walk event.  This event took place in Motovun, a picturesque medieval town and a destination known for Teran grape variety and wine type. 
Motovun is also known for its renown winemakers, rewarded for their mastery throughout series of domestic and international wine competitions.  The participants of the Teran Wine & Walk event had a chance to taste splendid Teran, as well as some other wines from the regional winemakers, such as Novak, Fakin, Valenta, Fachin, Bertoša, Benvenuti, Tomaz and Roxanich, and the Vorić winery from Buje.  In addition to the wine, traditional gourmet delicacies from renown Istrian restaurateurs were served during this action-packed, 12-km long wine tasting tour.  The walk stared at the Roxanich winery, continued with the Parenzana, passed through the Motovun tunnel before arriving to Brkač, an archaeological site containing remnants of Ancient Rome.  The returning leg of this tour included passing by a 17th-century church and a path through vineyards surrounded by hundred century-old oaks before arriving back to the starting point.
Teran Wine & Walk will most definitely become a traditional and recognizable event in northwestern Istria with the preparations already taking place for the next event, planned for the October of 2023.
Photographer: Neven Jurjak
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