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5 Ideas for a Romantic Weekend in Northwestern Istria

by Jovana Zoroe
If you still have no idea how to mark this year’s Valentine’s Day and the month of love, here are a few suggestions to plan a small romantic vacation in Northwestern Istria.
Coastal towns with nearby mountainous villages are the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway! Wherever you choose to visit with your favorite person, you will surely enjoy it, and here are a few suggestions that can make your love weekend even more beautiful.

A Romantic Walk by the Sea

When I first visited Northwestern Istria with my husband, our favorite activity was walking along the waterfront in the late afternoon, when the sky displayed all the shades of orange. Such moments are the ones we always remember, ones which remind us of the wonderful destinations we’ve visited together. If you love seeing hanging boats against a backdrop of dusk, visit Savudrija. For long walks by the sea, be sure to visit Novigrad. In Umag, you can admire the endless sea and the ships melting into the horizon. A romantic atmosphere is guaranteed.

A Seafood Dinner

If you love seafood (my husband and I absolutely adore it!), you will surely enjoy the rich offer of the Novigrad and Umag restaurants. The shellfish season is now in full swing and it’s the right time to try some great delicacies made with Jacob’s scallops or mussels. Our love is so much greater on a full belly of good food!

Kisses with a View

For lovers in search of seclusion and privacy, the hilly towns like Motovun and Grožnjan, from which one can take in some wonderful panoramas, are great places to enjoy a good cup of coffee together, an enchanting view – and be completely devoted to each other!


Jovana Zoroe

Jovana Zoroe is a graduate journalist and a lover of all forms of communication, especially the written word. She loves Istrian nature, history, and its gastronomic delicacies.

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