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Northwestern Istria–An ideal destination for recreation in winter

by Petra Pekica

What to do when you’re near the sea but it’s not yet time to go swimming? Even during the winter you can enjoy many physical activities in northwestern Istria.

Winter may not be the ideal time to visit the seaside if you see it only as a place for swimming and spending fun-filled days at the beach. However, mild winters and lack of snow in this region will allow you to take up other open air activities at a time of the year when the rest of the country endures below-zero temperatures. Winter at the seaside is ideal for activities such as hiking, trekking or Nordic walking. You see, at this time of year, this region is free of mosquitoes taking every chance they get to take a bite into sweaty sports players, nor is there any danger of a snake surprising you from the karst.
Northwestern Istria is rich in beautiful paths for such activities. Many of them are just by the sea shore, and oftentimes you’ll come across an enchanting place of local importance. For instance, if you decide to run from Novigrad to Dajle, you’ll finish your run at the beautiful old Benedictine monastery in Dajla. It’s also a very easy path, perfect for beginners. There are beautiful running routes also around Brtonigla, Savudrija and Umag, while Parenzana doesn’t need an extra introduction. During warmer days, these trails can also be crossed by bicycle or even a combination of the two.
Actively exploring northwestern Istria and getting into shape during winter, you’ll also discover all those wonderful, hidden places you’ll want to spend your summer at, resting. Also, a difficult training regimen will burn a lot of calories, after which you’ll have no regrets relaxing in one of many superb taverns, enjoying traditional Istrian food.

Have you discovered the recreational wonders of northwestern Istria already?


Petra Pekica

Petra Pekica was born in Istria and still enjoys discovering its hidden corners and sharing her impressions with others. In her free time she most likes wandering in the nature and enjoying its fruits, and is always ready for adventure. When working, it's on heading EU projects.

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