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5 Things You Have to See in Umag

by Tomislav Hrastovčak
Regardless of the fact that it is relatively small, Umag offers many interesting things that I discovered this year during my first visit to this city (true, a bit ‘late’, but definitely not the last time!). Here are some of the many sights that impressed me most!

Umag Quay

The long stone quay is one of the trademarks of Umag and an ideal place for those who love walks accompanied by the sound of the waves and drops of the sea in the air. A special experience is to be had when the bora hits, and your walk along the quay turns into a little bit of an adrenaline rush. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about!

Stella Maris Resort

The tourist resort Stella Maris complex is an attractive place to spend your time, with its size and decor, beautiful apartment houses and villas, and a picturesque lagoon. All of this is complemented by forests and green areas that extend across the entire settlement. Here, I could enjoy days, weeks, months…

The Goran Ivanišević ATP Stadium

The Stella Maris Resort is famous for its location, which is by the famous ATP stadium. The stadium carries the name of our most famous tennis player. Of course, this is also the venue in which the well-known Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag tournament is held. The stadium is really nice, striking and modern, and I hope to one day have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere during the tournament.

Main Square

The central square in Umag is especially attractive due to the impressive baroque parish church of the Assumption of Mary and St. Peregrin, which paired with a bell tower 33 meters high. Definitely, I stayed here a little longer simply looking up.


And now something to do with Mother Nature. The shimmering sunset in Umag is pointless to try and describe. Simply come and experience it, and perhaps wake up the poetic soul you did not know you had.


Tomislav Hrastovčak

Tomislav Hrastovčak works as a content manager. In his spare time, he watches a lot of movies and reads a lot of books and comics. He loves Istrian cuisine and has a thing for olives.

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