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Istria Granfondo returns to Istria

by Laura Šimenc
Northwestern Istria will be hosting the ninth edition of the international road cycling marathon Istria Granfondo from 14 to 15 April 2023.
Having been a long-time race ambassador and participant, your experience is truly enviable.
Would you share your impressions about the race and its sections, and let our readers in on some curiosities?
Istria Granfondo is among the most attractive cycling marathons – it runs through the stunning wine-growing areas of Northwestern Istria, along the picturesque route with breath-taking vistas, challenging ascents and fun descents.
I compliment the organisation and the welcoming feel. The refreshment stops offer everything for the racers to stay energised, and there are plenty of delicacies waiting for them at the finish. The post-race party and great rewards are just icing on the cake.
What makes this race different from other similar events you have participated in?
The mind-blowing landscapes and the sea air, combined with great organisation and hospitality make this race truly stand out.
Tell us more about the race organisation and give us some tips on how to make it even better, given that the participants’ safety and satisfaction come first.
All these years, the organisation of the race has been remarkable. I recommend offering bottles with isotonic drinks, and energy gels and bars at refreshment stops. The level of road safety is outstanding, and the only thing I would suggest is separating the start for different route lengths so as to avoid overcrowding and potential hazards during the first few kilometres.
Can we expect you at Istria Granfondo in April 2023?
You bet :)


Laura Šimenc

Laura Šimenc is the world amateur champion in road cycling, which is her hobby, but also her great passion and fun. Her favourite training location is northwestern Istria, which always fills her with positive energy, and the food she enjoys the most is fish specialties with a glass of Istrian wine. She is a veterinary physician - researcher at the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana.

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