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Tourist boards of Umag, Novigrad, Buje, Brtonigla, Motovun, Oprtalj and Grožnjan together with local accommodation providers, Plava Laguna and Aminess hotels & campsites have partnered together to bring you this website that showcases the best that there is in Northwest Istria.
Umag Tourist Board
Should you like to feel the pulse of tourism in Umag, the Tourist Board's information office in the centre of the city is an excellent place to do so. Not only because of the availability of information but also because the events currently going on in the city including entertainment, cultural and sports events are creatively presented in the large glass display. If you find asparagus inside, know that the city is celebrating this Mediterranean delicacy, while a towel, candles and pebbles note an attractive spa-wellness offer, while during the historic festival the tourist board’s display boasts objects from Ancient Rome. A unique stamp shall also be left by the ATP tournament, the International Chamber Theatre Festival, musicians from all over the world, European and International championships in various sports... “How to plan a cycling tour for the family? What to visit? Where to fix a washing machine? Guests have at their disposal the most diverse questions and assistance and we wish to be as available and open as possible. If we do not know how to answer your question, it won’t take us long to find out,” says Milovan Popović, the multitalented and efficient director of the Tourist Board. Other than Milovan, the team includes Franka Anđelić, Loretta Krota and Dario Penco, all tourism professionals that are up to any task. The airiness, modernity and glass of the office itself fulfil its basic task with ease – bringing Umag closer to travellers from all over the world. The entrance offers access for handicapped persons and information is available in a number of languages, in print or orally. Just aside the office and in parts of the old city you can also connect to the free wireless internet service. Should you decide to take an excursion to or stay in Savudrija, the beautiful fishing village and most westerly point of Croatia, expect to find another tourist information point overflowing with information and advice given by Dario Penco and Loretta Krota.
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Trgovačka 6, 52470 Umag
Fax: +385 52 741 649
Novigrad Tourist Board
Next to the park and harbour in the centre of the Novigrad, you will easily find the tourist information office. Open and popular among travellers, it brings together all the information relevant to tourism and works as a place for questions, answers, compliments and complaints, be the topic be beaches, restaurants, excursions or some other aspect of staying in picturesque Novigrad. The office has recently been renovated, is easily accessible and is ideally located on the outer perimeter of the old city. Our friendly employe Maura Laković will await you and will give you all the information you need to have the best possible and most enjoyable holiday in Novigrad and Istria. You will likely also meet Kristijan Nemet, the events manager as well as office director Vesna Ferenac who herself loves travelling and world cultures and is an excellent person to speak to about many topics. You can also come to rest in the office after exploring the city’s sights and find the necessary bike maps and tourist guides as well as brochures with information for a more detailed tour of Novigrad’s sights. Other than in English, German and Italian, Novigrad also prints brochures in Czech and Slovenian. To make getting around the centre and access routes to Novigrad easier, six illuminated boards with city maps are located around the city, and there is free wireless internet in a number of cafes. We must also emphasise the artistic atmosphere the office abounds with. The careful eye will note the series of original artist’s posters which advertised the day of the city’s patron saint in past years, as well as paintings dominated by tones of blue which do an excellent job in emphasising Novigrad’s Mediterranean identity.
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Mandrač 29a, 52466 Novigrad - Cittanova
Fax: +385 52 757 075
Tourist Board of Brtonigla
Where to go, where to start from, what to visit? These questions will be best answered by the dynamic and unanimous team of the local tourist and information office in the very heart of the city of Brtonigla. Here, you can get free brochures in various languages, maps of the town and the area, descriptions of the bicycle routes, information on restaurants, winemakers and olive tree growers and the unique family hotel - San Rocco, the most famous brand of Brtonigla. They are working all day long during the season, led by the agile and adventurous Michelle Pilat, who is equally good at business presentations and at the field. Her creed is the following: you can't promote something if you haven't experienced it yourself; and she is thus keen to explore paths, vineyards and all abundances of Brtonigla that she will be happy to recommend to you. Her right hand is the talented Sandra, who wonderfully embodies the spirit of this cosmopolite town – she speaks several languages, she is also involved in all events in her home region and she will be happy to reveal some secret that has not been written in the tourist brochures. As the Brtonigla area spreads up to the sea and encompasses two thirds of the huge Park Umag camp, the summer info-point will also welcome you within the camp, in order to introduce its guests to the beauties of the inner part of Brtonigla.
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Mlinska 2, 52474 Brtonigla
Fax: +385 52 720 860
Tourist Board of Buje
Tourist Board Office is located at the entrance and the ascent to the old town which the tourists love to visit in order to get the information about the city and its surroundings. The big boss in this info-spot is Valter Bassanesse, a great aficionado of his area and a great connoisseur of its history, culture and natural beauty. Do not hesitate to ask him anything you would like to know, because he is a very patient storyteller from whom you can learn a lot. During the summer, he has the assistance of two communicative undergraduate students and several students from the local secondary school, gaining the first experience of tourism-related work, their future occupation. The office ensures free brochures, booklets, maps and leaflets in Italian, German, English and Croatian, as well the information on the private accommodation and local winemakers and olive tree growers. The tourist office also selling the original souvenirs from Buje and Istria. We offer our guests free Internet access and the exhibition of the traditional local products from Buje and its surroundings.
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1. svibnja 2, 52460 Buje
Fax: +385 52 773 353
Tourist Board of Motovun
The 13th century Municipal palace located on the old town main square is home to the Tourist Information Centre of the Motovun Tourist Board. It’s a place where numerous Motovun visitors can get all information about the destination and its attractions, pick up free brochures in different languages, bike & trail maps as well as maps of the town and the region, and ask all questions relevant to tourism. This small but very busy tourist office is led by its versatile and omnipresent director David Matković, a Motovun history buff and landscape photography enthusiast in love with natural beauties and trails surrounding the town of Veli Jože. His extremely efficient and reliable assistant during the tourist season is Dario Brajković who welcomes the visitors with a gentle smile on his face, ready to answer all the questions. Student Zita is also an important part of this dynamic team waiting for you on top of Motovun.
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Anticov trg 1, 52424 Motovun - Montona
Tourist Board of Oprtalj
Matka Laginje 21, 52428 Oprtalj
Fax: +385 52 644 077
Tourist Board of Grožnjan
Not sure how to get to a specific gallery or attraction in Grožnjan? Need advice about the best restaurants, wine cellars and olive oil producers? Fancy exploring the nearby Istrian desert, Završje, or the ghost village of Vrnjak? Pay a visit to our Tourist information centre (TIC) on Loggia Square and get all the information you need first-hand. You will be welcomed by Fiorella Pucer, a true connoisseur of Grožnjan and its surroundings and one of the few year-round residents of this enchanting artistic town. Fiorella will be happy to give you tips on how to make the most of your holiday in Grožnjan and discover some curious places you’ve never heard of. In the Tourist information centre, you will also find various guides, brochures and leaflets about Grožnjan and Istria. As Emanuela Štokovac Radoš, head of the Grožnjan Municipality Tourist Board, points out, Grožnjan is an interesting destination all year round, but particularly during summer, when it hosts the Musical Cultural Summer event, and the legendary Jazz is back BP festival. The last week of September is reserved for the traditional Ex tempore international painting gathering and competition. Other interesting events include Wood Poets, a poetry event held in early August at the nearby Butori abyss. Since 1969, Grožnjan has been the International Cultural Centre of the Jeunesses Musicales, so in summer you will often hear young musicians’ tunes echoing from the open windows. Take a break on this hill of artists and admire the greenery surrounding you, stroll through the cobbled streets and be inspired by the many different forms of artistic creation.
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Umberta Gorjana 3, 52429, Grožnjan
Fax: +385 52 721 131
Aminess hotels & campsites
With its headquarters and accommodations located in the romantic city of Novigrad, Aminess hotels & campsites is one of the most important links in the tourism chain of north-western Istria. This is a company with a long tradition in the tourism industry and which has achieved excellence in service quality and content which guests have been enjoying for decades. Two hotels by the sea, Aminess Maestral Hotel and Aminess Hotel and the Mareda and Sirena coastal camps operate under the hat of Aminess hotels & campsites. The plume in Aminess hotels & campsites hat is surely Maestral, a renowned four-star hotel which boasts excellent cuisine and a clientele that includes bicycle-tourists and younger travellers as well as pensioners and families with children. The Aminess Maestral Hotel has recently been completely renovated and its services now include a new spa and wellness centre. Aminess hotels & campsites buildings are surrounded by sports pitches, promenades and bicycle paths shrouded in Mediterranean greenery. During its forty years in the tourism industry, Aminess hotels & campsites has also constructed its own employee base. Mysterious and somewhat reserved, located between the tourism giants of northern and southern Istria, Aminess hotels & campsites has successfully managed to find its niche by investing in service quality which largely comes from the quality of its staff. It is from here then that Aminess hotels & campsites gets its drive to build a healthy and motivational work environment. During the peak of the tourist season the company employs more than 250 employees, and as the largest company in Novigrad is aware of its responsibilities and the local community’s expectations. Aminess hotels & campsites always strives to be at the top of its game among these sometimes difficult challenges. Transparency and openness towards guests, ethical business practices and care for the community it works in are the foundations of Aminess hotels & campsites business philosophy. As of recently, Aminess hotels & campsites also produces serves to its guests its own olive oil Vergal. The olive oil got its name from the Novigrad water spring, paying tribute to and affirming its local identity.
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Škverska 8, 52466 Novigrad-Cittanova
Fax: +385 52 757 314
Plava Laguna is a leading hotel company in the region and has been the host of the best vacations in Croatia since 1957. With its accommodation capacities - hotels, apartments, and camps ranging from 2 to 5 stars, it can host over 42,000 guests daily, and annually achieves around 4.8 million overnight stays. It also has 360 berths in two marinas and a range of catering, sports, and other facilities that complement the core accommodation offerings. Plava Laguna's leisure facilities in the destinations of Poreč, Umag, and Rijeka are unique locations for creating unforgettable experiences every day.
Rade Končara 12, 52440 Poreč
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