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24 May - 25 May 24
Kastanija/Pineta, Novigrad

Pirates’ Party

Lovers of motorcycles, the biker lifestyle and great, relaxed fun eagerly await the end of May each year, when the traditional "Pirates’ Party" motorcycle meetup is held in Novigrad. This meetup is named after the hosts and organisers of this biker gathering, the "Pirates" Motorcycle Club, which draws a large number of participants from Europe and across the world to this two-day event.
The party is held in a green oasis right on the coast, near the Kastanija/Pineta tourist village, in an area used by the "Pirates" Motorcycle Club as their resident house. This appealing zone is an excellent spot for "Pirates’ Party" attendants to camp for the weekend – it is fully equipped so that motorcycle lovers can enjoy everything they need for these few days.
Every year the "Pirates’ Party" brings a rich and diverse programme. The event features the thrilling sights and sounds of a traditional motorcycle parade of all "Pirates’ Party" guests along the old town streets of Novigrad. Additionally, guests can also enjoy visits to wine cellars, energetic concerts, and a whole host of other events.
#art and culture
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